A few tips and recommendations to buy property on the Costa del Sol

As we already wrote in one of our articles, real estate, in particular apartments in Spain on the Costa del Sol (especially in the nearest areas of Marbella) in the segment up to 250,000 euros is considered inexpensive housing.

Closer to Estepona, or beyond Estepona in Manilva (province of Cadiz), in Benahavis (in the mountains), as well as in its immediate areas, there are a lot of good complexes (and completely new ones!) With apartments and even townhouses in this price range. This is the Golden Triangle of Marbella, now very popular (both in terms of price and quality, and in terms of environment, nature, panoramic views, and also low taxes!). It can be both new real estate from the developer, and secondary housing.


Perhaps the most important thing: before the trip, it is important to set real priorities and requirements for the desired housing, and not imagine a mythical home. Despite the crisis and some price reduction, real estate on the Costa del Sol, and especially in Marbella, will not be CHEAP a priori. Sellers can lower the price, they can give way to the buyer. But 'for nothing' no one will give housing. We should also not forget that we are talking about foreign real estate, about Spain - a country that is part of the European Union and is considered one of the most prosperous countries with a stable economy and a developed legislative framework. The crisis will pass sooner or later. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the real situation in the real estate market in the popular world resort of Marbella.


Now some tips:


  1. If you have never been to the Costa del Sol in the vicinity of Marbella, then for starters just take a tour and get to know the coast, determine your favorite areas in which you would like to buy an apartment or a house. Although even if you firmly decided to buy, then one or two days will be enough to see the coast and choose the area (often the inspection of objects occurs simultaneously with the inspection of the area).

  1. Determine the main purpose of the purchase, since it will be decisive in choosing the area and place: housing exclusively for recreation, for further relocation, or simply as an investment with the possibility of recreation. For example, if in the future you plan to settle in Spain by obtaining a residence permit, then the presence of a number of banks, medical clinics, schools, shops, shopping and entertainment and cultural centers will play a significant role.

In addition, a significant issue of price: the same area of ​​​​property and layout in different areas will differ significantly in price.


  1. Be sure to determine WHAT you plan to look for and buy (apartment or townhouse), WHERE - preference for the area (calm and privacy, or where there is more entertainment) and FOR HOW MUCH (outline an approximate budget).

When determining the requirements and preferences for housing on the Costa del Sol, try not to go too far. You can strive for the ideal, but it is extremely difficult to achieve it: there is almost no ideal real estate (although if this is not your own project .....): either the view of the terrace does not suit you, or the living room is small, or the road is nearby and noisy....

And even if you find that 'fairytale house' (apartment or townhouse) that you dreamed of, it may cost much more than you planned. This is much worse than if you settled on a decent option at an affordable price.

You can look for something better and cheaper for a very long time. And in the end, you will either greatly overpay for the object, or lose the house that you found.

The secret of any purchase is a compromise if you want to get what you dreamed about.

Those. you just need to correlate your desires with your capabilities, as well as with the real situation on the market.


  1. Do not try to rely solely on new buildings: resale real estate in Spain has a lot of its advantages (complexes are already inhabited, while new buildings have yet to be settled for several years, and sometimes the quality is not inferior to new housing from the developer). In addition, there is a chance to bargain with the seller and reduce the price.
  2. In advance, when choosing options before the trip, do not try to rely ONLY on the photos on the websites of a real estate agency in Spain. If you have applied to a large real estate agency in Spain, which has a large base of both new and resale housing, then professional managers will select for you those options that meet your real estate requirements. Sometimes beautiful photos that show the object favorably turn out to be just photoshop. As a result, once in Spain, you will be disappointed.

Also keep in mind that the pre-selection of apartments on the Costa del Sol on the Internet is not final. On the spot you will be offered to see additional options.


  1. The largest international or Spanish agencies on the Costa del Sol (of which there are not so many) have experienced, qualified professionals on their staff who will help you with the selection of the best apartments in Spain, as well as answer all your questions related to the purchase of real estate. Do not look for tricks everywhere and everywhere. Learn to trust professionals, which are only in large agencies. If you have found a good Spanish real estate agency with a large selection of objects in the database, then do not doubt that professionals work in it. And you will definitely find the property you dreamed about. And more importantly, you will be satisfied not only with the purchase, but also with the service.