The best schools in Spain are in Marbella!

The 10 best educational centers are located in the province of Malaga. Language learning, a high level of education, sports facilities, additional educational activities are the main indicators for parents to choose.

Malaga came in third after Madrid and Barcelona in terms of the quality of its educational centers. Seven of them are located directly in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara. Most of the schools provide education in the British system and in English. Tuition in these schools is not cheap, as all schools, including seven in Marbella, are private.

The best schools in Marbella are: Alboran, Aloha, San Jose, Las Chapas, Swans International Primary School, English International College, Laude International College San Pedro, en San Pedro Alcantara. Parents who decide to give a decent education to their children should fork out. The monthly payment, depending on the school, can be from 200 euros to 5.550 euros, some payments can reach up to 14.000 euros per child.

Colegio Alboran

The Alborán College project was born in 1985 under the influence and desire of parents whose children were enrolled in a primary school in Los Naranjos, run by Mrs. Carmen Duque at the time. They wanted their children to study in an institution where the main pillars of the educational program were reinforced by the efforts of the children themselves, as well as mutual respect for each other, and all this against a strong academic background.

Since then, over the years, the main tradition of the college has been to transfer the meaning of responsibility to each student. At the same time, each student was personally rewarded for understanding the essence of responsibility and striving for knowledge. However, not only responsibility, but also professional success and personal achievements were also especially encouraged. All this allowed children to realize all their abilities and personal qualities. Education at Alborán College helps to discover artistic abilities and stimulates creativity.

This is a private school, secular, which covers all stages of the Spanish educational system: pre-school education, primary education, compulsory secondary education and bachelor's degree.

The school also has a special faculty of extraordinary personal and professional qualifications, which emphasizes the high quality of education.

During the academic year, the standard educational program is complemented by an extensive additional program that harmoniously coexist. The school also provides excellent food only in high-quality restaurants, public transport services and a psychological service.

The center has a fully equipped kitchen offering natural healthy food prepared by a passionate team of professionals. Particularly noteworthy is the participation and interaction of the entire teaching staff with the families of students, which determines the present and future activities of the school, its productivity.

With many years of experience, the college is still committed to the quality and excellence of teaching, contributing to the intellectual and emotional development of students, their comprehensive development through the formation of a person, respect for democratic principles, rights and fundamental freedoms.


Urb. Ricmar, s/n 29604

Marbella (Málaga)

Tel.: 952839645

Fax: 952839646


Aloha College

Aloha College (for children from 3 to 18 years old) is an independent college, formed in 1982 as a non-profit organization owned by the parents of students. At the moment, children from 38 countries are studying in it. It is located on the outskirts of Marbella overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. All college income is used to improve the conditions of education. Aloha College is the first school in Spain where pre-school education was combined with a preparatory course for the university (IB). Many college graduates have gone on to study at Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge and the Autonomous University of Madrid. The college has a primary and secondary school with approximately equal number of boys and girls in the class. Bilingual education is based on the British and Spanish national systems, with French and German being taught additionally.

In high school, the emphasis is on preparing for the IGCSE exams and university. The preparation is so serious and strong that it is recognized and highly appreciated by universities around the world. Aloha College graduates have 100% passing of the IB and Selectividad tests required for admission to universities in Spain and around the world.

The college houses four science laboratories, a music school with practice classes, a library, a design studio with a photo lab, and a new artificial grass sports field. The Internet is actively used, and students of the preparatory course are given laptops. There is also a special department of computer design with two modern classrooms and a local school network. The dining room has a good menu.

Pupils living in the western and eastern parts of Marbella are delivered to the school by a special bus. Excursions around Andalusia are often arranged. Sports sections and circles work (after lunch during the week).

You can go to college after an interview with the director and head teachers. In addition, copies of student reports and references from previous schools are required.


Urb. El Angel, Nueva Andalucía, 29660, Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Tel.: (+34) 95 281 4133 ; fax:(+34) 95 281 2729

Colegio San Jose

Educational Program: Covers levels from Kindergarten to High School. Exam preparation for Trinity College London. Intensive courses in England or Canada.

Services: soccer field, two swimming pools, multisport courts, badminton, tennis, photography laboratories, physics, chemistry and natural sciences.

Technology: WI-FI Center with three classrooms with computers networked together and the Internet.

Price: From 315 euros per month (per child) to 540 euros (undergraduate).

San José College is located in Estepona and San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella). It is a private educational institution, a bilingual educational center that is not funded by the state.

Educational program: Infant School, Primary School, Secondary School (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) and Sixth Form Study (Bachillerato).

The college's methods are modeled over almost two centuries of its history, which have defined its core principles, which are based on helping in the emotional and intellectual growth of each student-apprentice.

San José College has nearly two centuries of history developing and focusing on its ideals in learning and the importance of core values, dreams and individual goals. In this way, students will have the opportunity to develop their personalities, as well as be responsible for their actions, while still being able to make their own choices in life and create their own future.

During all these years devoted to these ideals, many former students have had professional and business successes. And most importantly, the college has the ability to provide continuous education for different generations. An atmosphere of friendliness, solidarity, discipline, mutual respect for each other reigns in it. Of particular importance is the love and respect for the student on the part of each teacher. The school constantly arranges events of a different nature, which provide continuous development and improvement of both the students themselves and the college itself, which determines not only its present, but also its future.


Colegio San Jose-Marbella

Urb. Guadalmina, 29678 Marbella

Tel: 952 883 858

Colegio San Jose - Estepona

La Cala, 29680 Estepona

Tel: 952 800 148

Colegio Las Chapas

Founded in 1980 (Marbella), Las Chapas College is characterized by a special pedagogical method of education from the earliest stages of a child's development (Proyecto Principe or Attendis iPad Project). Las Chapas is a bilingual college authorized by the Junta of Andalusia for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education. All students finally take exams Center Trinity College and Cambridge University (Trinity College and Cambridge University). In 2013/2014 Las Chapas was ranked among the top 15 colleges in Spain for its internationality, according to EF-Education First.

In addition, in Marbella, there is a special school for boys Ecos, with educational levels Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate.

Educational program: Maternal, Infantil, Primaria, ESO and Bachillerato.

Services: pre-Olympic swimming pool, multisport courts, psychomotor and music classes, laboratories.

Prices: From 245 euros per month (child) to 440 (secondary school). Registration 300 euros to 1600 euros.


Las Chapas School

Urb. Las Chapas, s/n | 29600 Marbella-Málaga

Telf: 952 831616 | Fax: 952 835913

English International College

(for children from 3 to 18 years old). Another prestigious and respectable educational institution in Marbella, founded in 1982 as 'an educational institution free from any prejudice of a racial, political and religious nature.' Children from different parts of the world come here to study. The British system of education of a full cycle operates. Over the years of its existence, the number of students at the school has grown from 32 to 400.

In November 1983, the college was honored with a visit from Her Majesty's Inspectorate from the UK, after which it was granted a license from the British Ministry of Education. And already in March 1984, English International College was recognized by the Department of Education of the Parliament of Andalusia. Since 1993, children from Spain have been able to study at the school.

Initially, the college was a private structure, but later moved to a cooperative, and then to a trust. The management includes the director and elected teachers.

14 classrooms, equipped with the latest technology, are occupied by an elementary school. They have access to a large playground with a climbing wall. There is also a library and a computer class. Student performance indicators meet the most stringent standards, as confirmed by recent inspections.

Separate classrooms are open for secondary school students for each subject: English, mathematics, geography, history, modern languages, English as a foreign language, business. There are also laboratories for studying physics, chemistry and biology. There is a computer class and a design studio with all the equipment necessary for drawing and modeling. There is a theater with 200 seats.

The sports facilities of the school - a 25-meter swimming pool, a training pool, a football field, two basketball fields, a volleyball field with a special coating and jumping equipment - are the best on the Costa del Sol.

Particular attention is paid to healthy eating: drinks that are addictive and harmful to health are prohibited at school.

Graduates of English International College pass their final exams excellently and continue their education in the best universities in the world (Harvard, Oxford, etc.).


Urb. Ricmar, Carretera Cadiz - Málaga Km 189.5, 29600, Marbella, Spain

Tel.: (+34) 95 283 10 58; fax: (+34) 95 283 8992

Swans School International

(for children from 3 to 18 years old). One of the most respected educational institutions in Marbella, founded in 1971. It simultaneously coexists with strict traditions and uses innovative teaching systems along with modern technology. Training is conducted by highly qualified British teachers who use an individual approach to each student.

The college has a British education system adapted to Spanish conditions. Subjects are taught separately, however, in some cases, certain projects include several subjects at once, so that knowledge can be used in practice. In addition, the school encourages the conscious choice of students, their creativity and independence, provides learning in context. The languages taught are Spanish, French, Arabic and German.

The school also has one 'early' class (after graduation, children go to one of the two 'preparatory' classes.). The college has two grades for each year of elementary school level one (grades 1-2) and grade two (grades 3-6).

The secondary school (grades 7-11) ends with the official IGCSE exam. The college complies with the Spanish requirements of EP (educación primaria - primary school) and ESO (educación secundaria obligatoria - secondary school) for children with Spanish education. After graduating from high school, there is an opportunity to receive a university preparation course.

One of the high school features at Swans School is the 'Model UN'. Those. every week representatives of 24 member countries of this international organization gather for discussions on the topics of international conflicts, environmental protection, world poverty, AIDS and other important aspects of modern life, thus simulating the work of a real United Nations. Through such discussions, students begin to think globally and gain skills in public speaking, research and form strong opinions on major geopolitical issues, which will help them later in their chosen career.

In 2005, a new building was built specifically for the school.

Urb. El Capricho s/n, 29600 Marbella, Malaga

Phone: ; fax: (+34) 952 776431

Laude San Pedro International College

This is a British college of the Laude school network on the Costa del Sol. The network of these schools is scattered throughout Spain and the UK. More than 500 students from 40 countries study in this school. The purpose-built college building is equipped with the latest technology. Among other advantages of the school are technical equipment and an innovative teaching system. This system uses an individual and differentiated approach to each student. And the teachers of the school are in close contact with the parents. In the future, they help students choose their future profession and university. Not only students pass certification, but teachers regularly undergo certification of the most serious level. Therefore, they are all first-class specialists. A kind of support group - 'Friends of the Laude Association' - is organized by the parents of the students. Thus, parents take part in the organization of the educational process.

The main language at the school is English. However, the Spanish language is given the closest attention. Most school materials are written in two languages.

The school has its own buses that run from Marbella and Estepona. There are sports facilities, laboratories, computer rooms and a school cafeteria, as well as a psychologist service and a medical office. All students have health insurance for the duration of their stay at school.

In addition to the educational process, students can attend circles. And for the summer special courses are organized (July). An open day is held regularly (every Wednesday morning): anyone can visit the school and get acquainted with all its advantages.

Urbanization Nueva Alcantara, Avda. La Coruña, 2 (29670) San Pedro (Málaga)

Tel. (+34) 952 799 900, fax: (+34) 952 799 055

Sotogrande International School

(for children from 3 to 18 years old). It is located in the center of Sotogrande. The year of its foundation is 1978. The British system operates in it, and there are also licenses from the British and Spanish education systems.

Traditionally, the school is divided into primary, secondary and higher sections, and in the 11th grade, GCSE is tested, after which a university preparation program (IB) is offered. The school has strong sports traditions: it takes part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program.

Since September 2001, the school has new buildings built according to the design of well-known architects. The new location is surrounded by forest. The main building houses a fully equipped theatre, computer labs and a multimedia library. There are also cafes and restaurants.

For preschoolers, there is a special room equipped with a special library, entertainment centers and access to the playground directly from the classroom.

In elementary school, the concept of 'learning in cooperation' is used. It is achieved through a special curriculum and unique design of the premises. The building for younger students has a special music room, as well as a classroom with Apple computers. For elementary school students, football and basketball fields with a safe surface are equipped.

The campus has wireless internet. All middle school students are given laptops, and most classrooms are equipped with projectors and interactive whiteboards. In elementary school, children use the computer right in the classroom.

Of the sports facilities - a large gym; 25-meter pool; an all-weather sports field and running tracks.

Apartado 15, 11310, Sotogrande, Cádiz

Tel.: (+34) 956 795902 ; fax:(+34) 956 794816

The conclusion about the level of schools was made based on the results of studying a public survey, taking into account the academic results of students, the level of teaching, technological equipment, sports complexes, extracurricular activities, educational orientation and practical exercises.