Construction and refurbishment

If you are planning to build something unique, then our architects will help you develop a design project for your dream home, and builders will build it as soon as possible. In our database, you can choose plots for building your dream villa.

The average construction time for a 500 m2 house is one year.

The cost of one square meter can range from 1.000 -1.500 euros - for a commercial (standard) construction project and up to 2.000 for an individual order.

We will help you find a suitable plot for the construction of your villa, the average cost of a hundred square meters of land on the Costa del Sol is from 20,000 euros (depending on the area and area).


Stages of building a house

When you have already found a suitable plot and purchased it, the next step is to conclude a contract with an architect to design a house.

The architect, according to your wishes and the current construction standards, creates a project and sends it for approval: first to the college of architects, and then to the administration of this locality (district) to obtain a construction license.

The maximum living area of ​​the house is designed in proportion to the area of ​​the site. In each municipality, these areas are slightly different and the norms vary!

After the license is obtained, a contract is concluded for the construction of a house with a construction company to carry out work according to the project. To speed up the process, it is better to select a general contractor in advance and at the time of obtaining a license, construction can begin faster and, accordingly, finish faster.

The validity of the license to start construction in 6 months.

It is very important that the construction company has all permits, registrations and compliance with all safety standards (tapes, fences, etc.). Based on our many years of practice, inspections usually come in the first days of construction, and in the absence of any documents, fines or even closure of the construction site are possible until all deficiencies are eliminated.

After all the preparatory work, the old building is dismantled (if you bought a plot with a house), garbage is removed and the foundation is poured.

Then the reinforced concrete structure of the building is poured, the outer walls are laid and the screeds are poured inside the building.

The next stage is the plastering of the building, the erection of internal partitions, the installation of plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems.

After all the work on the installation of equipment, decorative finishing is carried out inside and outside the house.

One of the final stages of construction is painting the house, hanging lighting lamps and installing plumbing.

And the result: You get a house that is ready to move in. And most importantly - it meets your wishes!

In accordance with Spanish law, all types of work are subject to warranty periods. The law is respected by everyone!

Another advantage of building new housing is the savings on the VAT rate. According to the laws of Spain, all types of work and services are subject to VAT at a rate of 21%; savings are 11% of the estimated cost.

If you want to build your dream home, which fully meets ALL your wishes, we will help you at all stages and try to meet your expectations!

In addition, our specialists will help you with the repair of existing housing. We carry out all types of work: flooring (whether marble or laminate), wall covering, wallpapering, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, door, ceiling, window replacement, etc. Specify the prices with our specialists by phone.