What questions you might have before buying a property?

'Many people often think about the possibility of buying property in Spain, but do not really know where to start. But you should probably start by honestly answering some questions to yourself. That is, to begin with, decide what you do you really want to, and do you really want to,' the article says.

1. Do you want to live in Spain permanently or visit from time to time? Because buying a home for permanent residence or the so-called 'second home' is still a big difference.

2. If you are not going to live permanently, would you like to rent out your home during your absence? For example, to cover the cost of a mortgage? This is also an important question, since not always houses that are ideal for permanent residence are also ideal for renting out. And vice versa.

3. Have you been to Spain before and have you finally decided on the region (city)? After all, Spain is big and very different. There are many truly bright and original places. It is difficult to give advice here, because preferences are very individual, and everyone makes the final decision on choosing a region for himself.

4. Budget. It is necessary to remember not only the costs associated with the purchase (the property transfer tax alone is worth something!), But also the fact that in Spain you have to pay as many as two taxes on real estate every year - national and local. And the higher the cost of housing, the more, respectively, and taxes.

5. Where to choose housing - away from the sea or on the first line? On this point, perhaps, one can argue ad infinitum. Someone certainly wants the sea to be seen from the balcony, while others prefer to settle no closer than 5-7 kilometers from the coast. And each group has its own 'reinforced concrete' arguments.

“Of course, there may be much more questions related to the acquisition of real estate in Spain. We have listed only the most important of them. Those to which you must find the answers yourself. For all other questions, please contact us! All our consultations are free,' the authors of the portal Spanishdream.eu note.