Maintenance of a villa on the Costa del Sol: how much does it cost?

Of course, among all types of real estate in Spain, the most popular among buyers are apartments (or apartments) and villas (or houses). In this article, we will explain what it means to 'own a villa' in Spain on the Costa del Sol, and what are the costs.


Of course, on the Costa del Sol, in particular, in its most prestigious areas - Marbella and Puerto Banus, which are world-famous resorts, the prices for villas are quite high. In general, the concept of a villa refers to the type of luxury real estate. That is why this type of real estate is most often chosen for purchase by wealthy people: business owners, top managers, world football and show business stars.

The price range on the Costa del Sol is also quite wide: from 700,000 euros to infinity. A striking example of expensive and exclusive villas is the closed private reserve La Zagaleta, located in the mountains at a distance from the sea. This is a closed area, and only the owners of the villas have the right to enter the territory of this complex! The most inexpensive villa here can cost from 3.500.000 - 4.000.000 euros.

The price of the villa is also affected by its location - the area, as well as the proximity to the beach. If the villa is located directly in Marbella or in its most prestigious areas (Nova Andalusia, San Pedro, Puerto Banus, Los Monteros, Las Chapas, etc.), then, a priori, the price will be high - it is impossible to find less than 1,000,000 euros villa in this area. Or it will be small houses with small plots, built 10-15 or more years ago. New villas (or recent construction) will start from 1.500.000 euros.

If the villa is located on the first line of the sea in close proximity to the beach, then the prices are from 1.800.000 and above.

What does the term 'villa' mean?

This is a house with its own plot of land and its own swimming pool. The size of the house itself is from 300m2, and the plot is from 1000m2. If the building area is 150-200m2, and the plot is 500m2, then we are talking just about a house or a cottage.

But most importantly, a villa is an expensive, elite real estate. If the price of a house or villa on the Costa del Sol is less than 500,000 euros, this is, firstly, an old house that may require additional repairs, and secondly, it may be 'finca' - i.e. a house located very far from the sea in a secluded place in the bosom of nature, most often in the mountains (25-30 km from the coast), or the location of the house is not very good (near the road, near the cliff, etc.).

The main thing is that good villas on the Costa del Sol start from 1,000,000 euros.


And now about the main thing: what does it mean to 'maintain a villa' and how much does it cost:


Of course, each individual case is different. The content is affected by the location, the cost of the villa on the Costa del Sol itself, and the age of the object, the size of the plot / house; closed complex or urbanization adjacent to a certain place, etc.

And what is better, a closed complex or a detached villa? Any villa is a separate house with its own plot of land and a fenced area. But there is the concept of 'closed urbanizations' with additional protection and urbanizations related to or adjacent to a particular area.

There are not so many closed complexes or urbanizations with villas on the coast in the Marbella area, and the payment for maintenance in a particular complex is quite high (additional costs for security, maintenance of the territory, for the general maintenance of the internal infrastructure (some have beauty salons, and fitness centers and bars, etc.) These complexes have a limited number of villas (from 12 to 25-30).

More common are villas that are adjacent to certain areas and form an urbanization. These are the ones that are bought the most. Just like in closed urbanizations, any villa around has neighbors. Such urbanizations also have certain fees, the amount of which is set at general meetings of residents.

What does the concept of payment for maintenance in urbanization or 'communidad' include? This includes garbage collection, maintenance of the territory (if there are tennis courts in the given territory, then a general decision is also made on the payment for the maintenance of the courts). The only thing that the tenants do not pay for is security, because. there is no centralized protection in such urbanizations.

The price paid by residents for maintenance in the complex varies throughout the coast: it depends on the area, its popularity and prestige, on the number of villas / residents in the area, and so on.

For example, conditionally it is a villa of 300m2 and with a plot of about 1000m2. The costs will be:


  1. Annual council tax (IBI) - payable by September 12th. The tax depends on the cadastral value of the object, its age: about 1200 - 1500 euros per year.
  2. Utility payments: water, electricity. Installed counters. Accordingly, the greater the consumption, the higher the fee: from 300 to 500 euros per month (air conditioners work in the summer - the fee will be maximum. If you do not plan to live in the house permanently, then the cost will be minimal - a monthly fee is charged. .
  3. Security (an alarm system is installed in the house, which is transferred to a centralized security post) - 40-50 euros per month. But the price depends on the company that installs the alarm. As a rule, an alarm system is already installed in all villas. In new houses, installation will be required - 400 euros.
  4. Pool cleaning and gardener: 120-140 euros per month. Directly at the gardener hourly wage: 8-15 euros per hour. In this case, the price will be influenced by factors such as the size of the plot and how overgrown it is. The more complex the landscape design and the more plants on the site, the higher the fee.

The pool with regular use requires cleaning once a week. Therefore, the employee who takes care of the pool is called once a week (he not only cleans the pool, but also monitors the acidity of the water, the chlorine content, etc.). Directly his service costs 50 euros per call.

However, it is possible to install a special water purification system in the pool, as well as a drip irrigation system on the site, which will reduce the need to use the services of a cleaner and gardener.

During your absence, you need to install an awning over the pool to cover it.

  1. Payment for maintenance in the urbanization/complex - communidad.

If the villas on the Costa del Sol are located in a gated complex with security and a fenced area, then the fee can reach up to 1.500 euros per month (there are also less expensive complexes).

Those. per year, on average, the payment can be from 8.000-10.000 euros and more.

If this is an urbanization adjacent to any area, then the fee will be significantly lower: 300-500 euros per month. But the price is conditional, because. it all depends on the region and location.

How to pay:

In general, already at the stage of the transaction, you need to tell the lawyer (who will accompany the transaction) to tie all utility bills to your account in a Spanish bank (you open it immediately. Thus, you will not need to go and pay all the maintenance costs yourself Amounts will be debited monthly from your account (if you install the SMS notification service, you will receive SMS with information about the account status, debits and balances, or use the Internet banking system: there you will also monitor the status of your accounts).


As can be seen from the above, not only is buying a villa on the Costa del Sol an expensive purchase, but also its maintenance is also quite expensive. Although it depends on the villa, its value. It's very individual.

We hope that this information will be useful, especially for those who decide to buy a villa or a house on the sunniest and warmest coast of the Costa del Sol.