Rental of yachts, helicopters, private jets and supercars

Have you ever thought about how far you can go in your desires?

Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire will show you...

The company specializes in the rental of luxury cars, as well as the rental of helicopters, private jets and luxury yachts. The priority of Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire is an individual approach to each client. To this end, various packages have been developed.
It doesn't matter if it's just a short sunny weekend in Marbella or an unforgettable holiday in the Mediterranean. The company offers to feel the drive of driving a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini... Or a cabriolet... - a feeling of complete freedom, warmth of the sun and a breath of wind! How about a glass of chilled champagne on a luxury yacht? Or maybe celebrate an important event for you on board a helicopter?
Employees of the company are always happy to deliver you a car to any place convenient for you. In fact, the only question you will face is which car to choose next...

Rental of private jets and helicopters

At Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire you can book a private VIP jet
The main task is for you to get the maximum pleasure from the flight, regardless of whether it is a private visit or a business trip.
Flexibility: an individual approach allows you to adapt to you and hear all your wishes. Everything is possible with Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire - any number of people, any direction of flight, almost any model of helicopter or aircraft.

You will be able to see Marbella from a new angle and get an unforgettable experience. Employees of the company will also be able to offer you various options for tours.

You will see the beauty of the mountains of Andalusia, endless sandy beaches, the old part of the city of Marbella, the famous Puerto Banus, and all this - from a bird's eye view!
You can play golf on the best golf courses of the Costa del Sol, as well as visit bullfighting.

Vacation on a yacht

For your holiday, Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire is ready to offer luxury yachts of various models for rent.
Renting a yacht is freedom and, perhaps, the best pastime at sea! This is a trip that will give you an unforgettable experience!

The professionalism of the company is a guarantee that your vacation on a yacht will be perfect! You will be able to see Gibraltar, endless beaches, picturesque bays and the most beautiful places of the Costa del Sol.

For example, a one-day cruise could be: swimming with dolphins, exploring the ancient pirate caves of Gibraltar, having lunch on a yacht, navigating the high seas... Enjoy the moment! For your convenience, you are accompanied by the captain of the yacht and the steward.

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