Nota Simple Informativa

Nota Simple Informativa (Note Simple, translated from Spanish - Simple Information Extract) is an Extract from the Real Estate Register of Spain.

It contains brief up-to-date legal information about the property itself (description, location, owner, restrictions and encumbrances on this property).

Nota Simple allows you to secure citizens who make real estate transactions and receive complete and reliable information on real estate objects located throughout Spain.

Nota Simple Informativa must contain the following data:

  1. description of the property in Spain;
  2. data on the owners of real estate in Spain;
  3. registered rights to the property;
  4. registered restrictions or encumbrances on real estate rights;
  5. information about legal claims and the rights of claims declared in court in relation to this real estate object.

The Note Simple, containing information about a land plot in Spain on which a real estate object is being built, which includes both residential and non-residential premises that are the subjects of contracts for participation in shared construction, in addition to information about mortgages, indicates the presence of registered agreements for participation in shared construction with a list of objects of shared construction, as well as company names of legal entities - participants in shared construction and full name. individuals participating in shared construction.

Validity of Nota Simple Informativa

Note Simple - Extract from the Register of Real Estate in Spain - valid for three months from the date of issue!

Nota Simple can be ordered for any property located in Spain. To order a Simple Note, you need the original data on real estate in Spain: either a copy of the old Simple Note or a copy of the Contrato de Compraventa Sale and Purchase Agreement.

To order Nota Simple you need:

  1. Send by email. mail to a copy of the old Nota Simple or a copy of the Sales Agreement page with registration data for the property. Be sure to indicate your contact phone number and e-mail so that our manager can contact you and send the completed Order.

  1. Upon receipt of registration data, the manager will contact you by phone or send confirmation of receipt of registration data by e-mail.

Specify the cost and terms of ordering a Nota Simple by phone: +34 693 933 904