Car rental on Costa del Sol

Yellow Car company, founded in 1972, provides a wide range of cars for rent. Thanks to a large fleet of cars, you can choose the car that best suits your wishes and needs. The company is not an intermediary: the fleet of cars is the property of the company, so all cars are insured (insurance is included in the rental price)

The main principle of the company's work is to provide the best, most reliable and most importantly serviceable cars, as well as an individual approach, friendliness, trust and flexibility in dealing with customers.
The company's offices are located in Marbella, Mijas and Malaga Airport. This is especially convenient as there is no need to take a taxi as the car will be waiting at the airport by the time the client arrives. A company employee will meet you at the airport. After filling out the rental agreement and making payment (a matter of a few minutes, especially if personal data was provided in advance), you will be helped to carry your luggage, where another employee will already be waiting for you with a car.
When returning the car to the airport, you only need to drive to one of the company's offices (which is located directly opposite the airport building) and the employee will take you in the same car directly to the terminal, where he will also help you unload your luggage, and then return the car back to the company's office.
The company will also deliver the car at any place and time convenient for the client. The company's offices are also open on Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. You can also leave the car in any place convenient for you.

To rent a car you will need:

Identity card or passport (foreign passport).
Valid driver's license. If the certificate does not have Latin characters, then you must provide an international driver's license (original).
A valid credit card. VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD. Debit cards like VISA ELECTRON and similar are not valid.

What you need to know:

If you are renting a car from Yellow Car, you cannot leave Spanish territory.
If you were given a car with a full tank, it must also be returned with a full tank.
The maximum number of drivers included in the insurance contract is 4 people. All must be registered with Yellow Car and listed on the rental agreement. All drivers must be age appropriate (minimum driver age is 23 with at least 2 years of driving experience, maximum is 80 years old) and must have a valid driver's license and passport.
The insurance covers one driver. For other drivers, insurance is paid separately: 12 euros per week.

Insurance. What does insurance include:

The company provides full coverage of insurance risks, including:
1. Civil liability insurance. This is the minimum compulsory insurance in Spain. It protects the rented car from any damage caused by someone or something from outside without any limit. The insurance coverage is up to a maximum of 50.000.000€. (however, this applies to passengers, but not the driver)
2. C.D.W (Accident insurance). Protects from the lessee's liability for the cost of repairing or replacing the rented vehicle and its parts or accessories if it is damaged during the term of the rental agreement (provided that the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the agreement). Covered at 100% of the cost of damage without any additional payment from the client (windshields and mirrors are also included)
3. T.P.I. (Theft insurance). Protects against liability of the renter against loss or theft of the vehicle and its components. Covers 100% of the cost of damage without any additional payments from the driver.
4. P.A.I (Insurance against accidents). Provides coverage in the event of the death of the driver, his disability, as well as medical expenses that arise as a result of an accident caused by him. Their sizes are:
Death and disability ... 6,000€
Medical assistance ... 1.800€

What is not included in the insurance:

Wheel punctures and damage
Lost and broken car keys
Damage/faults associated with the use of the wrong type of fuel.
Accidents (accidents) that occurred by unauthorized drivers (not specified in the rental agreement).
Accidents that occurred due to the fault of a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Theft of personal items from the car.
Accidents occurring after the expiration of the lease agreement

What to do in case of an accident:

In the event of an accident involving another vehicle, you need to collect all possible information about this vehicle and its owner. Required information: registration number of another vehicle, driver's personal data (name, address and phone number), insurance data (insurance company and policy number).
It is also important to collect information about possible witnesses to the accident and their testimony. It is also recommended to involve the police as the best witness.
You must report the accident to Yellow Car as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours. If the accident occurred during the work of the company's office, it is advisable to report immediately so that the company helps you to carry out all the necessary procedures.
If the car is transportable (i.e. it cannot be driven by the driver on its own), then in the next 24 hours the company will provide the driver with a taxi, and the car will be evacuated by the Yellow Car emergency service, which can be called by phone: + 34 900 300 188.

What to do in case of breakdown:

In the event of a breakdown, you must call any office of the company and the broken car will be replaced as soon as possible. If the car requires transportation, then within 24 hours it will be picked up by the company's emergency service, which can be called by phone: + 34 900 300 188. And the driver will be provided with a taxi.
The main driver specified in the rental agreement is responsible for any traffic violation during the term of the agreement.
At the request of the authorities, Yellow Car is legally required to determine who was the person driving the vehicle at the date and time of the violation and provide that person's personal details such as name and address. A fine payment notice will be sent to your country with instructions on how you must proceed in order to pay the fine.
View car rental rates (.doc)
All prices are discussed individually (prices are conditional), they also depend on the rental period. The price already includes insurance.

Optional accessories:

The company "Yellow Car" has a clear pricing policy. If something was not mentioned when booking a car or this is a special request, then for an additional fee you can purchase:
Child seats (Group 0+1). For children from 0 to 18 kg. Can be placed in the front or rear seat, equipped with seat belts. - 15€ per week.
Additional child seat (group 3). For children from 22 to 36 kg. This is a backless seat (just makes it taller). The child must use the car's seat belt - 10€ per week
GPS 10€ per day (maximum 50€)
Additional insurance for drivers - 12€ per week
Snow chains - 20€ for the entire rental period
Pick up a car from Malaga airport or train station between 22:00 and 8:00 am - 20€
Submit or return the car to Málaga Train Station (AVE) 10 € per service.
Trunk - 20€ for the entire rental period

Yellow Car's fleet consists of more than 400 models of cars with automatic or manual transmission, ranging from economy models, as well as pickups, vans, cars for large families (for 7 and 9 people), to luxury convertibles and cars luxury class.