Popular real estate in Spain – apartments and villas!

Sales of apartments during the year increased by more than 10%. Private houses are even more popular, with 16% more sold. It should be noted that at the same time a large number of mortgage loans were issued for the purchase of housing in Spain.

Such popularity of private houses is absolutely justified. These are mansions of several floors with a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains. The house is surrounded by a landscaped area with a swimming pool. As a rule, all private houses are located as close as possible to the coast.

Worthy of attention and apartments in Spain. Spacious, bright, overlooking the ocean and the adjacent landscaped area. Living or spending holidays in such an apartment is a dream of many. In June 2016 alone, more than 20,000 such loans were issued. First of all, real estate located in resort areas is bought up. These are the adjacent island territories and Catalonia. The sale of housing by banks has become a frequent occurrence in Spain. Such real estate is sold by banks on very favourable terms.

These are objects confiscated by banks for debts from defaulters on loans. Given that among the confiscated real estate, there are also private houses and apartments, it makes sense to consider the option of buying. Discounts on such objects are always significant. Indeed, for banks, real estate is not the main activity, so they try to quickly part with the confiscation. In this case, it is beneficial for the future owner to pay off the bank and register the property in his own name, banks, as a rule, do not rewrite ownership rights to themselves.