Types of real estate in Spain

Apartments in Spain. This is the most convenient type of property for vacations, and is easier and cheaper to manage and maintain than villas, houses and even townhouses. This is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a cozy and safe accommodation in Spain. The apartments have a comfortable layout, high-quality finishes with modern materials and are mostly located near the sea. On the Costa del Sol, apartments are located in residential complexes - urbanizations.

Apartments usually have one or more (2.3 or more) bedrooms, a living-dining room, a kitchen (sometimes combined with a living-dining room), a bathroom and a toilet (often also combined), often a balcony or terrace. Studios (similar to one-room apartments) are apartments in which the kitchen and the only room are combined. Atiko - apartments located on the top floor of a residential building with panoramic views of the area: the plain, the mountains or the sea (they are also called penthouses). As a rule, atikos have solariums (sometimes pools), and are also distinguished by the presence of fewer neighbors. There are also duplexes - two-level apartments. Apartments in Spain are usually located in an apartment building (shared wall with neighbors). Residents can be provided with car parking, communal swimming pool, garden. After detached properties, that is, villas and houses, apartments in Spain are the most popular among buyers. This is also due to the fact that the country has a wide selection of apartments along the coast. They are in towns and cities, often near golf courses (the owners of such apartments have membership in golf clubs).

Apartments have always been the backbone of the Spanish real estate market. They are much more popular here than in other countries. The only place in Spain where you will not meet them is the rural hinterland.

Townhouses in Spain. Recently, a new concept has appeared on the Spanish property market. It denotes a type of real estate that has been well known in the West for many years. We're talking about townhouses. In translation, this term can be interpreted as 'city mansion'. Indeed, a townhouse is a cross between a city apartment and your own country house. How is such a synthesis achieved? Each townhouse consists of several cottages, several floors high, which have common walls and several entrances. Thus, each family living in a townhouse uses its own entrance, and has a small plot of land adjacent to it. Apartments (apartments) in townhouses can be two-, three-, four-level Townhouses are widespread in Spain. True, living in a townhouse does not provide such freedom as living in your own house, although the number of residents in one complex of buildings is several times less than the number of residents in ordinary urban high-rise buildings. Today, the acquisition of townhouses is popular among Russians, not only at home, but also abroad, such as in Spain. The advantages in favor of buying a townhouse in Spain are obvious: an apartment in a townhouse will cost its buyer much less than buying a villa. And living in it will be almost as comfortable as living in your own home. Each owner of a townhouse will have not only a small plot of land, but also a garage or their own parking space. Many townhouses have barbecue areas, swimming pools, picturesque terraces. You can buy a townhouse with furniture and everything necessary for living. It is not necessary to equip such housing - you can immediately come and live. Townhouses in Spain, like townhouses in other European countries, provide their residents with maximum comfort. After all, there is everything you need for comfortable living and recreation, and the maintenance of apartments in a townhouse is not much more expensive than the maintenance of an apartment. On the other hand, each inhabitant of the townhouse is provided with the necessary privacy. It is not surprising that among the various types of real estate offered today on the Costa del Sol, it is the townhouses that have gained such high popularity.

Townhouses in Spain are great opportunities for family holidays, including for several families. Those who want to be sure of a favorable neighborhood buy townhouses together with friends or relatives, and live or vacation together without bothering each other too much. Buying a townhouse in Spain is a reasonable solution for those who do not want to solve the problem of summer holidays year after year and do not like hotels overcrowded with tourists. On the other hand, a townhouse can bring its owner a very good income.

Costa del Sol is a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean, which is famous for its nature and wonderful warm and mild climate. Every year hundreds and thousands of Europeans come here to rest, most of whom prefer not to stay in crowded hotels, but to rent a villa or townhouse. Many owners of townhouses in Spain themselves use them only a few months a year, and the rest of the time they rent them out to tourists and receive a very good income. Do not forget that investing in real estate, especially in real estate in a region with a developed tourist infrastructure, is always a good investment, despite any economic changes in the world. So buyers who decide to make this profitable investment will only have to choose the option of a townhouse that suits them - and, perhaps, already this year, enjoy a holiday on the Mediterranean coast, in their own apartments.

Villas in Spain. It is unlikely that anyone is able to refuse a wonderful house in Spain with a garden and a swimming pool in the yard. Life in your own home will be comfortable, cozy, romantic and even fabulous.

A house or a villa with its own plot of land is practically the same thing. Often real estate of such a plan is called a 'dream house'. Every person who loves himself and his family wants to have it. This is especially true for this type of houses, like Finns. Finks are detached houses located in the countryside. Many of them have large plots of land.

Houses and villas in Spain are very popular among Russians, because they are the embodiment of a good life, comfort and privacy. This is an indicator of luxury, prestige and, finally, status. This is an excellent choice for a family stay.

However, many factors must be taken into account. First, you need to evaluate how convenient it will be to get to the city or to the beach. The degree of remoteness from the sea often affects the price, although to a lesser extent than the size of the land.

Secondly, the villa cannot just be left for several months without the owner's supervision, having spent only a vacation here. It requires constant care and supervision as it is a solid property with a garden and a swimming pool. The garden needs to be watered, the grass needs to be mowed, the pool needs to be cleaned regularly. To do this, there are special services, whose employees will monitor the house and the surrounding area.

Thirdly, villas and detached houses are quite expensive objects. They are subject to higher taxes than other types of real estate, which increases the cost of maintaining them.

In addition, most villas in Spain are located away from the city center, so you will have to constantly use the car to get anywhere. And those located in the city are much more expensive.

A villa, or house, usually has a living room, dining room, kitchen, several bedrooms, several bathrooms and toilets, a terrace, a parking lot or garage, a utility room, a plot of land with or without a pool, a garden, a barbecue area. On the territory there may be a gazebo, a rose garden - everything that will please the soul of the owner.

Commercial real estate in Spain. If you are planning to organize a business in Spain, then our company will be happy to help you with the acquisition of commercial real estate. Our database contains many offers for the sale of shops, service enterprises (restaurant, bar, hotel, salon, etc.) and production.

Land plots in Spain. Our company offers you to purchase exclusive plots of land on the Costa del Sol. Due to the favorable location, the plots offer a delightful panoramic view. They are ideal for the construction of private households.

Property under construction. Real estate under construction is the most profitable investment. The cost of an apartment in a house under construction is much lower than at the end of construction.