Rising property prices in Spain!

The increase in the cost of buildings will occur not only because of the huge demand in the face of limited opportunities in the sales market, but also because of the large increase in land prices. This problem will be extremely acute in large cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. Real estate buyers are also showing great interest in purchasing apartments on the coast, as well as other sought-after areas in Spain.

The other company Arcano is in full agreement on this issue. Just a week ago, the specialists and employees of this organization completed the analysis of the entire problem and provided the results. In their opinion, such a monetary “jump” in real estate prices is due to an imbalance in supply and demand. Also, Arcano draws attention to the small number of alternative assets in this area.

According to the latest results on the economic situation in Spain, CaxiaBank provided a mathematical calculation and figures for comparison with last year. Their analysis makes it clear that housing prices have increased by 3.9% over the past six months. As for land plots, their value increased by 6.6% in the period from April to June. Such increases in price clearly demonstrate and predict the value of real estate in the near future. All experts see one of the factors for combating this problem in the provision of more loyal conditions when applying for a mortgage. In July, loans were already issued by almost 30% more than last year in the same month.