Spain: real estate for owners and potential buyers!

Spain is an extraordinary country in every way. It seems to be a European state (and the Costa del Sol and Marbella (Andalusia) are the most 'European' regions), but in its own way, it is original, heterogeneous and unique. Spain - real estate for owners or potential buyers provides a lot of prospects, among which there are only a few (and this is far from all!)

1. Having a home in such a wonderful and unlike any other country in the Eurozone, Spain - real estate in which is a pearl, provides its owners with a SCHENGEN MULTIVISA, i.e. this means free movement within the eurozone. Would you like to go to Paris or visit the Louvre for a change? Maybe Rome? Go skiing in Andorra? Go to Belgium, Germany, Amsterdam? No problem! Owners of real estate in Spain are 'open doors' to any EU country.

2. Simplified obtaining a residence permit since 2013. Already at the end of November 2012, the Spanish government began to amend the law on foreigners. After all, Spain is now a tasty morsel for those who plan to invest in real estate. And it is the construction market, its rise and stabilization at the moment that will help the country finally overcome the crisis. And since every year the demand for Spanish housing is only growing, it is precisely the simplified receipt of a residence permit in this country that can give an even greater increase in this demand. This measure is an important and necessary tool to improve the situation in the country and in all other areas!

3. Of course, an important factor in the attractiveness of Spain in the real estate sector is its low housing prices in relation to other European countries (for example, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc., the price of housing is prohibitively high). In addition to the fact that the purchase price of real estate is small, its further maintenance also does not require high costs, because. Taxation in this area is relatively acceptable. Of course, in connection with measures to combat the crisis, taxes have increased slightly (although this has affected absolutely all sectors of the economy, including real estate). However, they are more temporary than permanent.

5. Spain is another plus: from the point of view of buying and registering real estate here is doubly attractive. It is the ease of making a purchase (lawyers deal with everything), a short process of obtaining a Deed of Purchase (or Escritura) and, as a result, full ownership of the owner’s housing (and this is NOT allowed in all Eurozone countries: for example, you can only own housing, but in the future not dispose of them, or the right of ownership is restricted). And the process of inheritance of property: Spain gives such a right. Those. after writing a will, your property will be freely transferred to the property of the person to whom you will bequeath it.

6. Spain is also extremely popular as an 'alternate airfield' / 'second home' for further moving to this country, leaving their homeland. Having real estate in this country - the owner of real estate at any time can decide to move. This is one way or another connected with paragraph 2 - obtaining a residence permit or residence.

7. No other country in the Eurozone allows such rapid adaptation and assimilation. In the case of moving Spain - the property in which its owner has, very easily and cordially accepts any foreigner. This is primarily due to the fact that, according to national character traits, the Spaniards are cheerful, friendly and hospitable people. For the Russians, assimilation among the indigenous population is even faster, because. the mentality of the Spaniards and Russians is very similar. And as it was written above, the Spaniards are very hospitable, kind and cheerful. And even if you do not speak Spanish, they will still help you. And they will only be happy about it!

8. Environmental friendliness. Spain has an unusually picturesque nature! And some of its regions, such as Andalusia and its Costa del Sol, are a combination of mountain and sea air (which is fundamentally important for those who suffer from lung diseases or allergies!). In addition, it is also a mild and warm climate: it is especially comfortable for residents of the countries of the Northern strip of both Europe and Russia (there are no strong temperature fluctuations). These are clean well-groomed beaches, amazing views!

9. Short flight: the flight to Spain takes just over 5 hours. Always direct and regular flights to any of the largest airports in the country (Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, etc.)!

10. Possibility of entertainment combined with cultural activities. Here are the Prado, and Seville, and Granada, and local cultural centers (each region is dominated by its own museums, attractions, and cultural features). Spain is an amazing country: real estate, wherever it is located, does not tie the owner to one single region. Spain is 'discovered' anew each time, each time from a new perspective. After all, not a single region of Spain (and there are many of them - 17 autonomous regions) is not like another: everywhere there are local traditions, habits, customs and holidays (except for national and state ones). And it's always amazing! Whatever region the owner of the Spanish property goes to, he will always discover the 'other' Spain. For lovers of car travel - the car is ideal (roads in Spain, as well as throughout Europe, are excellent). You can use rail transport (the RENFE railway network, which connects the largest cities in Spain), or air travel.

11. For lovers of tasty and healthy food, Spain is famous for its excellent gastronomy, both traditional - national cuisine (paella, gazpacho, jamon, tapas, etc.), and Spain is also, first of all, the birthplace of wine and magnificent olive plantations. in terms of winemaking, Spain is one of the three largest exporters of wine (after France and Italy). And who doesn't know the best Spanish olives/olives and olive oil? About traditional national dishes, about winemaking and olives and olive oil - separate articles.

12. And of course, Spain, as a European country, has a developed infrastructure. These are good communications, an excellent healthcare system (medicine in Spain is considered one of the best in Europe), and the best colleges for children (a separate article has been written on the topic of education), and sports institutions (tennis and football clubs, equestrian centers (the famous breed of Andalusian horses has fame all over the world!)).

You can go on listing all the actual advantages and priorities of this magnificent country. However, these 12 points are already enough to understand: Spain is a country of advantages for all those who have acquired, are acquiring or are planning to purchase real estate in it!