Real estate in Spain in Benahavis!

Property in Spain in Benahavis - a mountain paradise on the Costa del Sol!

In Spain, on the Costa del Sol, in addition to the prestigious and famous world resort of Marbella, as well as the luxurious Puerto Banus, there are other equally attractive areas for buying property in Spain.
In particular, Estepona is very interesting, as well as a segment of the New Golden Mile, which is now very popular among both tourists and buyers of apartments and villas in Spain. It is located between Marbella and the city of Estepona itself. Most of the complexes in this area belong to the municipality of Estepona.
Real estate in this segment is popular, firstly, because prices here are much lower than in Marbella. In addition, the areas located in these places have stunning views of the coastline, the coast of Africa and Gibraltar. And, secondly, there are quite a lot of new complexes with apartments, villas and townhouses.
In addition to the municipality of Estepona, and the New Golden Mile, the Golden Triangle is also popular: Marbella - Benahavis - Estepona.
In this article, we will talk a little about the municipality of Benahavis.
Property in the area is also very popular with buyers. In addition, many tourists come here: the municipality offers a huge number of excellent hotels. But this place is famous for its gastronomy. And indeed it is. There are many small and cozy restaurants scattered throughout the area with excellent home cooking and excellent wine. Dinner for a family of 4 with good appetizers, delicious chop and homemade wine will cost about 150 euros per evening. But the pleasure that you get from the atmosphere of the restaurant, the service and of course the food itself is simply indescribable.
Very often people come here to taste high-quality and inexpensive homemade food.
Therefore, very often Benahavis is called the 'gastronomic village'.
About Benahavis himself:
Benahavis itself is a small and very attractive mountain village, located 7 kilometers from the coast, among the mountain ranges, between Marbella, Estepona and Ronda.
For the whole of Spain, the municipality of Benahavis is very important for the treasury. Therefore, even the location on the Costa del Sol is already privileged.
The municipality is quite wealthy, so property taxes are quite low here (whether it is a luxury villa or an apartment complex: the maintenance of similar housing located in Marbella will cost many times more!
Benahavis is surrounded by the Sierra de las Nieves and the slopes of the Serrania de Ronda. For many, this is a paradise on the entire Costa del Sol, especially for those who love mountains.
There is amazing nature, clean mountain air and breathtaking views!
For real estate buyers in Spain, Benahavis is in many ways an ideal place: inexpensive apartments (both in terms of initial cost and further maintenance), luxurious villas and mansions .... All this is all a short drive from Marbella itself.

Benahavis is a typical Andalusian village, with cobbled white streets (such streets are typical Arabic motifs that were the founders of this tradition in Andalusia). The Arab culture is very clearly seen in all the construction in Andalusia: there are a lot of traditional features in the architecture of houses and streets scattered between the mountains and the sea.
In general, the very first settlement was founded here during the period of Arab rule. It probably appeared at the end of the 11th century near the castle of Montemayor (Monte Major). Now this castle is a fortress, which for many centuries has witnessed both the quiet life of a quiet village in the shelter of the mountains, and Muslim wars, Muslim wars with Christians and ending with the battles of the Spaniards and French during the Napoleonic wars.
In 1485, the castle-fortress itself and the village went to the Christians, when Marbella and all its districts were captured by the Catholic monarchs. From that moment on, Benahavis belonged to their possessions, which were then presented to the Count of Cifuentes in 1492 as a tribute to his service to the Castilian crown. It wasn't until 1572 that the village of Benahavis finally gained independence from Marbella with the approval of Philip II. From that moment on, Benahavis becomes a separate independent municipality.
Among the attractions of Benahavis, it is worth noting the 13 best golf courses on the Costa del Sol and in all of Andalusia, where lovers of this sport can enjoy this game all year round thanks to the warm climate of this coast: these are Los Flamingos, La Quinta Golf, Marbella Club Golf Resort, Golf Monte Major, La Zagaleta Country Club, Los Arqueros and many more.
All areas of the municipality of Benahavis are ideal for lovers of beauty and comfort.
There is an unspoiled protected park with stunning mansions and villas throughout Spain (La Zagaleta). In addition, this place also attracts with its proximity to the coast and its main centers: 10 km from San Pedro, 13 km from Puerto Banus and about 20 km to Marbella.
Of particular note is that 70% of the territory of the entire municipality has the status of 'Environmentally Significant Mountain Complex' (Environmentally important mountain range), which protects the entire region from overbuilding.
Nature in Benahavis is exceptional: dense forests with pines, holm oaks and cork oaks: these are all natural parks with the rivers Guadalmina, Guadaiza and Guadalmar.
The constant influx of tourists and residents to this municipality is also due to the fact that there is a well-developed infrastructure for the residential and hotel sectors. Among the best hotels of the highest category, which provide unique and most comfortable conditions for a carefree holiday, we can distinguish: the Amanhavis hotel complex, Caledonia Golf restaurant-hotel, Gran Hotel Benahavis, Hotel Villa Padierna, Quinta Golf Resort, in particular, many of which are located with recommendations in the prestigious Michelin guide.
A lot of world celebrities, businessmen, politicians and other representatives of the elite choose this particular municipality for their relaxing holidays, as well as for permanent residence.
For those who are planning to buy property in Spain on the Costa del Sol, we recommend that you pay attention to Benahavis. Here, the choice of new apartments is much larger, their quality is by no means worse than in Marbella, but at a much lower price. But for the price, not for the status!
Of course, the segment of luxury real estate on the Costa del Sol in Benahavis is also widely represented. And first of all, of course, we are talking about the protected complex La Zagaleta. But not only.
Visit Benahavis. And you will see for yourself that this is a heavenly place to buy apartments and villas in Spain on the Costa del Sol!