Where do the wealthiest people live in Spain?

For those who have been to Marbella on the Costa del Sol or those who already have real estate in Spain on this coast, it is not necessary to mention the most closed protected village-complex of La Zagaleta with luxurious estates and mansions, family estates and estates. Only one name La Zagaleta already speaks for itself.

And for those who are not yet familiar with the coast, it is worth telling a little about this wonderful place. And why is it chosen as the place for their carefree and comfortable rest by the richest people in the world (stars of world politics, businessmen, billionaires, famous actors and singers, as well as representatives of 'blue' blood: princes, princes and other elite).

First of all, most wealthy people maintain complete confidentiality about their expensive purchases. They do not like to advertise the acquisition of real estate in any country. But information tends to 'seep' into media materials. Not all countries respect the complete confidentiality of such information (the paparazzi work for this).

This is exactly what distinguishes the purchase of real estate in Spain on the Costa del Sol, especially in Marbella and especially in the closed complex La Zagaleta. Here, not only complete confidentiality of the purchase of real estate is observed, but also the further stay (and even arrival) of a special person in Marbella, in La Zagaleta.

No wonder Club de campo La Zagaleta is often called the 'secret village for millionaires.' So it really is. Only those who value comfort, privacy, privacy, luxury, as well as an exceptional and comfortable stay surrounded by natural nature own and buy luxury villas and mansions here.

For its clients, the club has an amazing service: from meeting at the airport (the complex also has its own helipad), to complete housekeeping, hiring servants, etc. In a word, all the best for the best. After all, this is Marbella, it is a world resort, world fame and an impeccable reputation.

Club de campo La Zagaleta is located in the heart of the pearl of the Costa del Sol, just a few kilometers from Marbella and 60 km from Malaga Airport.

This private residential complex has its own access road. It is located on 900 hectares on the slopes of the Serrania de Ronda mountains and is surrounded by stunning and abundant vegetation, which is watered from natural lakes and springs. It has its own flora and fauna, so you can meet animals roaming freely on their territory.

Another important nuance: any villa or mansion necessarily has its own view of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar and the coast of North Africa. It was this factor that was taken into account in the first place when this complex was built. By the way, the number of mansions here is limited!

In addition to a high level of security and privacy, this country complex offers its residents other opportunities: this is a private 18-hole golf course, which is one of the best golf courses in all of Spain. And since 2007, a second golf course has appeared, also with 18 holes.

In the club-complex de campo La Zagaleta absolute harmony with nature reigns in its originality!

La Zagaleta provides its customers with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday and life in the bosom of nature. You can buy here ONLY elite and exclusive real estate (although only luxury real estate in Spain prevails in Marbella): luxury villas or land plots for building your own home according to an individual project (lot area from 3.000 to 10.000 m2). All houses and plots are located in magnificent places on the hills, from where breathtaking views open.

It is also important that a separation zone of 10 meters is necessarily observed between the sections. This allows numerous animals (deer, fallow deer, mulons, etc.) to move freely. Developer companies have made every effort to provide maximum protection to all local flora and fauna.

All villas and mansions in architecture are a harmonious combination of traditional Andalusian architecture with elements of modern design. The interiors of the houses are thought out with special care and attention to the smallest details. As a rule, the interiors are decorated in the old style: these are antique doors, a lot of wood trim, marble floors, amazing bathrooms. Every villa in La Zagaleta is built and finished to the highest standard of quality using the latest generation of materials.

Underfloor heating, air conditioning, domotics ('smart home') is a priori.

The gardens and plots are always landscaping, and the pools are the height of the work of art. The whole ensemble is a single complete landscape and a harmonious whole.

In addition to the golf courses in La Zagaleta, there are other private establishments that can be freely used by members of the Club de campo La Zagaleta: the club house (Club-house) with an area of ​​​​5100 m2 (which has a specialized store), a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, billiard room, bridge room, banquet room, tennis courts, etc.

The La Zagaleta club, which is one of the most prestigious in Spain, also has a helipad used by civil aviation.

In addition, there is a private equestrian sports center that offers its members horseback riding (learn or improve skills). This club contains the best breeds of horses of Spanish or Arabian colors. For the little members of the club, of course, there are ponies. In addition, if clients have their own private horses, the Club provides the opportunity to place horses in the stalls of the complex, where they will be carefully monitored and looked after. Here you can use the services of a private instructor.

In addition to horseback riding, you can simply enjoy horseback riding (for 3 hours), playing tennis or hiking.

To ensure maximum comfort and impeccable service, the La Zagaleta Service Management S.L. was created at the club de campo La Zagaleta. Management not only accepts club members, but also provides all services at the highest level. For example, there is a private transport service that transfers customers from and to the airport (one phone call or email is enough!), there are laundries with home delivery, cleaning (cleaning) services, pool and garden maintenance, chauffeurs , visiting nannies and governesses, secretaries and much more.

A banking sector was also organized for clients and property owners: in 2000, the Santander Central Hispano bank opened its office in one of the premises of the complex. There is personalized service and an ATM.

Of course, many people want to get into the La Zagaleta club, but not everyone can do it. Price is the first barrier. The minimum price of the most inexpensive mansion is 3.500.000 euros. And this is not a brand new property in Marbella on the Costa del Sol (which may even be in need of refurbishment). Prices in this paradise village for millionaires reach 20.000.000-25.000.000 euros.

In addition, there are further expenses for maintaining a luxurious mansion in La Zagaleta, which are by no means small. Security, privacy, luxury and exclusivity, and the best service always come at a price. Those. who wants to buy real estate here must have a wealth of 10 times the cost of the purchased housing!

If you are looking for something special, exclusive, and value comfort, privacy, tranquility and exclusivity, as well as service, then La Zagaleta is the perfect place. Here you will find only the best. After all, the best real estate in Spain is located in Marbella. And La Zagaleta is right here!