The cost of living in Marbella!

There are many objective reasons why foreigners choose Marbella both for holidays and for permanent residence.
But for the most part, these reasons come down to a mild, warm and unique climate, ecology, developed infrastructure, excellent medical care, and so on.

Living and relaxing in Marbella is not very cheap. And the cost of real estate here is significantly higher than in other resorts and in other regions of Spain. This applies to both villas and apartments.

You can, of course, live on modest money. But then you should forget that you live in a resort town with world fame.

As a rule, after all, wealthy foreigners buy real estate here, among which there are many Russian citizens. These people are already obviously accustomed to living in a 'big way'. However, in Marbella you can live well and comfortably, spending not so much money.

The question is where to buy. And in Marbella there are a lot of different shops in different price categories.

But with the purchase of apartments or villas in Marbella, you still have to fork out. One way or another, you can find inexpensive real estate. But for a comfortable stay, it is better to invest once, so that later you can rest calmly and comfortably, without thinking about extra costs for repairs, etc.

After the purchase, all costs will be reduced only to utility bills + annual property tax.

These costs are just not so great. Although a lot will depend on the area and the complex in which the property in Marbella will be located. But you should not forget that we are talking about an expensive resort with world significance.

Most owners are already aware of the costs and other costs of maintaining their home (villa or apartment) in Marbella before buying.

Concerning the Internet and phone.

Here in Marbella, as elsewhere: everything will depend on how often and where you call. Mobile communications are quite inexpensive. Stationary especially.

If you plan to call relatives or acquaintances in another country, then of course, if we are talking about Europe, then the tariffs will be lower. However, if just a few short calls are enough for you, then you can safely meet the amount of 30-40 euros.

The cost of the Internet depends largely on the provider and ranges from 30 to 60 euros per month, depending on the speed and type of connection.

Perhaps the most joyful part for those living in Marbella or planning their further move is the cost of food, which in general is much cheaper in Spain than in other European countries.

Nevertheless, there are a number of products that can cost significantly more than, say, in Russia: simply because they are not produced here.

Everything that the fertile soils of the Andalusian region give (fruits, vegetables, etc.), as well as the Mediterranean Sea abounding in fish and seafood, then in these segments the prices are quite reasonable (to say the least).

Yes, and it is worth emphasizing that all products are environmentally friendly and always fresh!

On average, a food basket for a family can be 400 euros per month. But this is the minimum required set of products.

For gourmets and those who like to eat expensive and tasty, the costs can increase significantly. Especially if you constantly eat in restaurants!

In terms of luxury and luxury goods, Marbella is comparable to European fashion capitals. A lot of haute couture shops, boutiques are concentrated in Marbella and the famous Puerto Banus. All this is presented here in abundance.

Alcohol and cigarettes.

Since in Spain, as in many European countries, a law has long been adopted to ban smoking and, accordingly, to limit the sale of cigarettes, here the prices for cigarettes will 'bite'. Cigarettes range from 3 to 5 euros per pack.

As for alcohol: wine is a common drink for Spaniards. After all, there are a lot of vineyards in Andalusia (especially since Spain is generally among the top three countries for the production of wine along with France and Italy). Wine is different and the price for it will depend on the brand, on aging (young wine is of course cheaper). On average, from 2 euros for a bottle of good Spanish wine.

Beer is also not so expensive: 1-2 euros per can.

Transport costs.

In general, most property owners in Marbella acquire their own car after moving. All expenses after the purchase are reduced to the cost of gasoline and the payment of an annual tax (which is approximately 100 euros per year, regardless of the 'horse' power).

The cost of gasoline is 1.68 euros per liter, diesel fuel is 1.55 euros.

But some continue to use car rentals or taxis. If you do not need to travel long distances, and everything is limited to city limits, then the cost of a taxi in the city can range from 5 to 15 euros. Public transport will cost several times cheaper: less than 1 euro per trip.

Cultural leisure can also be spent here in a variety of ways: in Marbella, its suburbs, as well as on the entire Costa del Sol, there are a lot of places where you can go to spend time with benefit for both the mind and the soul.

In addition, various exhibitions and festivals are very often held in Marbella (and this happens regularly). All festivals are of different levels and scale.

You can go to the cinema, for example, for 5 euros.

Exhibitions and other events (as well as visits to museums and other cultural places) can cost from 20 to 100 euros per ticket.

So, in Marbella you can live in different ways and on different means. But do not forget that a world-famous resort will be cheap to live in.

With modest expenses, a pensioner, for example, can live on 500 euros a month.

However, on average, the subsistence level cannot be less than 1,000 euros per person per month. To live comfortably in Marbella in your own house or apartment, it is enough to spend 1,500 euros per month, including utility bills and taxes.

Although most of those living in Marbella are wealthy foreigners, including Russians. Many own their own villas or apartments in Marbella. These people are already accustomed to live well and do not need anything.

Most of them can spend more than 10,000 euros per month.

One way or another, it all depends on how you used to live and how much you used to spend.

Marbella is not a cheap place to live. Though looking with what to compare.