Information about Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, or 'shore of the sun', is the southernmost Mediterranean coast of Spain, which stretches from Malaga (airport) to Gibraltar.

Everywhere on the Costa del Sol you can feel the special atmosphere of Andalusia - one of the most interesting and beautiful Spanish autonomies, which has a special character and carefully preserves the national culture, customs and traditions.

Marbella and its surroundings - the so-called 'golden mile' - is one of the top three resorts in the world, along with Florida and the French Riviera. The sun does not leave this region 320 days a year. Rains are extremely rare. The air temperature does not fall below +14C, and water temperature +16C even in winter. In summer, in hot weather, cool breezes and refreshing Atlantic currents are the salvation. Without exaggeration, this climate can be called the best in Europe.

This resort has earned worldwide fame due to the fact that it is one of the most prestigious luxury holiday destinations on the Spanish coast. Many wealthy people: aristocrats, businessmen, artists - have chosen the Costa del Sol as the place of their residences. Well-equipped sandy beaches stretch for many kilometers. Thanks to the wonderful climate, ecology and rich history, this unique place attracts both connoisseurs of antiquity, cultural leisure and solitude, as well as lovers of active sports, noisy festivities, vibrant nightlife with casinos, clubs and discos in resort towns. In the vicinity of the city of Marbella (Marbella) is the elegant harbor of Puerto Banus - a mooring place for luxury yachts that belong to the richest and most famous people on the planet.

Andalusian mountains protect the Costa del Sol from cold winds, and the clear turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea washes its shores. The contrast of magnificent mountains and the warm sea make Malaga and its surroundings an ideal place for living and relaxing, both in summer and in winter. Other advantages of the Costa del Sol, without a doubt, include beautiful ecologically clean beaches, accessible all year round.
For those who decide to choose Andalusia and, above all, the Costa del Sol as a place to live, the following factors are also important: reliable investments with bank guarantees and legal protection, a stable and stable economy, a high standard of living, quality food and well-developed infrastructure with advanced engineering systems and high technology, excellent healthcare and excellent education.

This region is also famous for its excellent climate and rich history. Many perceive the south of Spain as a typical resort place - warm sea, gentle sun, excellent infrastructure for recreation and entertainment. But at the same time, it is also very interesting from the point of view of culture: nowhere else in Europe you will find a corner where West and East are so closely intertwined. Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Catholic kings. Various architectural styles are mixed here - Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance. In every city on the Costa del Sol you will find a huge number of cathedrals, churches, monasteries - numerous and majestic monuments of antiquity and the Middle Ages, which is not at all surprising for religious Spain.

Costa del Sol is an ideal place to relax, a comfortable place to live!

COSTA PRESTIGE invites you to hospitable Spain, on the Costa del Sol! We will help you make your dream come true!