Information about Torremolinos

This is the oldest resort on the Costa del Sol, a kind of pioneer of Spanish mass tourism, and until the early 60s an unknown fishing village.

The resort is lively, well-developed infrastructure, very democratic and cosmopolitan. Tourists come to Torremolinos from everywhere, and the population of the city during the holiday season increases seven times due to the guests who are thirsty for an active and fun holiday. But, despite the fact that Torremolinos has repeatedly ranked first among Spanish resorts in terms of its attendance, there are few five-star hotels on its territory. Tourists are accepted mainly by three- and four-star hotels. The city has three well-maintained beach areas with a total length of about 10 kilometers: La Carihuela and Montemar, Bajondillo, Playamar.

Playamar, where the famous conference center (Palacio de Congresos) is located, is the most modern and developing part of the city. There are many new buildings here. Bahondiyo is a more touristic, central part of the city. There are most hotels, restaurants and bars here.

From here, perpendicular to the embankment, the pedestrian and shopping street San Miguel, filled with tourists until late at night, rises uphill, which passes by the old mill tower. It rests on the central street of the city - the street of Palma de Mallorca. Tourist and entertainment centers are located on the territory around the intersection of these streets. There is even a local 'metro' here - an underground train stop following the route Malaga - Fuengirola.
One of the major areas of Torremolinos, La Carihuela is a very pretty place. Once upon a time there was the same fishing village on the site of which Torremolinos began to develop, so its provincial atmosphere has been preserved to this day in narrow streets, low houses and cozy restaurants (chiringuito), where you can still taste the freshest seafood (for example, branded sardines grilled on coals; traditionally, old boats with sand are used as a barbecue for their preparation). From the beach on La Carihuella begins the world-famous yacht port of Puerto Marina.

On the northern outskirts of the city there is a water park - more interesting than similar entertainment in Fuengirola. Next to it is a crocodile farm.