Reasons to work with a real estate agency

The Spanish real estate agency 'COSTA PRESTIGE' provides a range of services for the purchase of real estate in the primary and secondary housing market in Spain on the Costa del Sol:

  • WE carry out search and individual selection of real estate objects according to the specified criteria.
  • WE organize trips to Spain to get acquainted with the chosen area and inspect the available properties. More.
  • WE help to open bank accounts in Spain and advise on credit and banking operations (without the presence of a client);
  • WE fully accompany the transaction: from the moment of meeting the client at the airport, placing him in a hotel / apartment, showing all the objects of interest with an interpreter, we carry out legal and banking procedures, and up to the moment the client receives an escritura (certificate of ownership) and further registration of the purchased housing for new owner in all state bodies;
  • WE assist in obtaining a NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) - a prerequisite for buying property, starting a company, buying a car, investing in securities in Spain, etc.
  • WE help you get a mortgage. Over the years of cooperation, Spanish banks have trusted our clients by providing them with a mortgage loan on favorable terms (up to 60% of the cost of housing, for up to 25 years, with an interest rate of 5% per annum). To do this, you do not need to have a residence or business permit in Spain.
  • WE provide a full range of project management services for land plots for the construction of private and commercial real estate: from the selection of a land plot that meets the parameters of the project to the selection of an architectural studio and approval of the project at the mayor's office, obtaining a construction license (on the Costa del Sol this is the most important step). We help with the registration and opening of companies (businesses) in Spain
  • WE provide architects and builders for the implementation of capital construction projects, as well as minor repairs; we help with the purchase of furniture and decor of the premises; renting or buying and registering cars;
  • WE provide services of nannies, au pairs, gardeners, etc.;
  • WE help you find a decent and prestigious educational institution for your children. We have are aware of all the local schooling institutions, as well as universities, and have contacts with all of them.

'COSTA PRESTIGE' will help you with obtaining a Spanish visa, as well as collecting all the necessary documents for obtaining a mortgage loan, residence permit, etc.

Why is it necessary to contact professional agencies when buying real estate?

When deciding to buy property in Spain, you have a choice - who to contact. Alas, even if you are familiar with all the nuances of Spanish legislation, you are well versed in the purchase procedure and you know Spanish perfectly, you are not immune from mistakes. Therefore, the best way is to enlist the support of professional real estate agencies in this country: they will provide support for the transaction and guarantee its successful progress. In addition, the services of a real estate company for the buyer are free: according to Spanish laws, they are paid by the seller. The range of services includes: verification of documentation, translation services, assistance in obtaining a mortgage, opening a bank account, etc. And when purchasing real estate directly from a seller or a construction company, you must order these services for an additional fee. The approximate cost of such services is 3,000 euros.
According to Spanish law, the value of real estate from the developer and from the real estate company must be the same. Developers already include a commission for realtors in the cost of objects, but if the transaction takes place without their participation, then they keep this amount for themselves. Moreover, developers cannot influence the price: not to reduce, much less raise it, since the price of the object has already been fixed, and the tax on its sale has been declared. But realtors can achieve a price reduction for the buyer (of course, they cannot make it higher).
There is another important aspect that needs to be taken into account. Very often in the advertising of real estate agencies the following phrase sounds: “Housing directly from developers. Without intermediaries! But there is no mediated or indirect housing in Spain! Construction companies are engaged in the construction of housing, and real estate agencies (realtors) - the implementation of this housing!

If you decide to take the advice of your friends or relatives who live in Spain or own real estate there, and who, it would seem, already know everything where it is better and will help you choose, you are at great risk. Firstly, where acquaintances live, you may not like it. What and where is best for you, you can only determine on your own. Secondly, using their advice, you make a deal at your own peril and risk. When choosing an agency, you must first of all pay attention to the number of objects in the database, the reputation of the agency, how many years it has been on the market. Only serious agencies provide their clients with a wide choice of both primary and secondary housing. Moreover, if an agency participates in a common real estate exchange network between large agencies, this is a significant indicator of its status, professionalism and significance.

But if the agency promised you a residence permit based on the purchase of real estate, then this is evidence of its incompetence. No one can guarantee obtaining a residence permit, since such a decision can only be made by the relevant state authorities in Spain. The presence of real estate or business in Spain only increases your chances of obtaining a residence permit in the future (by settlement - as proof of rooting in Spain), but is not a basis for obtaining it immediately.

If you are offered housing at a price much lower than the market price, then this should raise suspicions - is everything clean there ... In Spain, as elsewhere in the world, cheap real estate cannot be good. It is a fact!