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Estepona is located at the foot of the mountain range on the background of beautiful mountains of the Sierra Bermeja with the highest peak - 1449 meters. From high slopes of the surrounding mountains can be clearly seen the Atlas mountain range, located in North Africa.

Many small mountain rivers flowing down from here to the sea, forming an unusually fertile area covered by plantations and citrus trees. Of course, such a paradise climate attracts many tourists. Meanwhile, the local government spends very wise policy in the planning of mass construction, which allowed Estepona maintain its original 'green' appearance, and even get the 2004 special prize for the qualitative improvement of the city.

Like many coastal towns, Estepona was founded by the Phoenicians, who originally called this place Astapa (from the Arabic 'Estebbuna' but prehistoric ruins on the hill of El Torreón indicate that these places were inhabited long before the Phoenicians. Additional area attractions can distinguish the ruins of the castle 'Calle Castillo', preserved from the time of King Erik IV (XIV century.).

In the old city (Casco Antiguo) it is worth seeing the church of the Virgen de los Remedios (Iglesia de los Remedios) - 18th century, from 1725 to 1766 it was a Franciscan monastery; Clock Tower (Torre de Reloj), which has its origin in the Arab mosque. After the conquest of Estepona, Castilians turned into a church (in the 18th century was built the dome in the neoclassical style); San Luis castle (Castillo de San Luis), built by order of the Catholic Kings at the beginning of the 16th century, nowdays there are only ruins; Selwo (Selwo Aventura) - a huge zoo, where you can spend the whole day. There are more than 2,000 animals from the five continents, which have an environment that gives them the feeling of freedom. Estepona has a port (Puerto Deportivo). Although he concedes Puerto Banus luxury and considerably, but it has its charm. Charter fishing boats side by side, it gives a special feeling to the port. A popular place for tourists and residents of Estepona as there are many restaurants and bars.

Today Estepona has a lively, true Spanish look and it is one of the favorite holiday destinations: the picturesque streets and squares, traditional Spanish homes and broad boulevards lined with orange trees. Side by side there are world-class luxury hotels, golf courses and shopping centers.

In the city there is a large number of cafes, restaurants and beach bars, many boutiques, supermarket and shopping center 'Korrefur', there are excellent medical facilities, sports complexes and a wide variety of cultural events.

Estepona, New Golden Mile - the name of the coast from Puerto Banus to Estepona. It includes areas of Guadalmina, Atalaya, El Paraiso, Los Flamingos, Cancelada, Guadalmansa, El Velerin and suburbs of Estepona.

In the absence of land on the Golden Mile at the end of the 90s, all the construction gradually turned to a new area. The main difference in the area of this real estate is a complexes of apartments and private villas which are the new objects with better quality and modern finishes.